The Canadian Government, in association with the British Columbia Liquor Authority have made it Illegal for me to call certain products by their names. This is in aid of trade agreements and international "copyrights".

White (un-oaked) Rye Whiskey

CASC Judging Notes

Irish Whiskey Style Spirit with a little something "Extra"

Definitely not Scotch

Customer Tasting Notes

Whiskey - ish...‚Äč

So we make a product called "Area D 54-40" which we have to label as an "Irish Whiskey Style Spirit". Another fine example of this silliness is our "Black Dog" product, which is actually a White Rye Whiskey, but cannot be called that because the Government has determined that Rye has to be Oaked, so that you can taste mostly Oak and not so much the Rye. We are required to call our White Rye a "Moonshine" or "Flavoured Spirit".

Irish Whiskey Style Spirit.

CASC Judging Notes

Traditional Rye Whiskey. 100% Organic.

It turns out that if you make a product that looks, tastes and smells like "Irish Whiskey" for example, you can not call it that or let people know that is what they are buying unless it was made in Ireland.

We would love to sell you Irish Whiskey. The problem is that the law says if it is not made in Ireland, we cannot call it that. So we call it "Irish Whiskey Style Spirits" Check out our other "Whiskey-ish" offerings as well!

"West Coast Spirit"