"West Coast Spirit"

Jamaican Style Rum made from Organic Cane!

Grain and Cane Vodka with Elephant head Espresso

From Chili-Spice Rum to Floral Gin, we always have something a little different to offer. 

Scot - the Master Distiller - got into this for the fun of making recipes, and so he is constantly inventing. 

He makes copious notes, so when he makes something he loves it becomes a product. 

If we can grow or get the fruit or grain we need he makes more of it - which helps to pay for the cost of his experiments. 

So these are products that we can't guarantee to have in stock because he is so picky about "the right grapes" or "the right cherries".  Or even "the right potatoes". 

We cannot tell you the difference between "right" and "wrong" potatoes because only he knows. 

The results have taught us to trust him.

So when the fields oblige he makes more of his favourite original recipes.

So much liquorice. So much comfort. So much mellow. Sigh...

Jamaican Style rum spiced with local organic chili peppers.

Local Cherries, local Muscat grapes, a lovely sweet treat

Seasonal Specialty