"West Coast Spirit"

Our Story

We like Bees. It all starts with the bees. To have happy bees, you need a source of food and water and lots of pollinating vegetation. So you need fruits and grains and vegetables. We have: Apples and cherries and pears and plums. Apricots, peaches and berries and rhubarb. Rye and barley, hemp and grapes. So we have bees and fruit. Happy bees make a lot of fruit, which in turn makes for even happier bees and lots of honey.

When you have lots of honey and lots of fruit, you have pies and jams and salads and breads and tarts and you still have a lot of fruit and a lot of honey. So we make wine with the fruit and honey. And we still have lots of fruit and honey leftover. So we distill the wine to make fuel to run the machines that harvest the fruit and honey. And we save money by not buying the fuel from someone else. But we have lots of wine and spirits left over. So we wanted to sell it.

To sell wine and spirits you have a license. So we opened a Distillery called True North.

We sell Spirits, Produce, Fuel and Distillery equipment that we manufacture. We use the honey and fruit to make wine and cider, and then distill some of it for brandy and whiskey. We use the rest to make fuel from hemp oil. We do all of this organically at a carbon neutral Facility in Grand Forks B.C.

So we make small-batch organic liquor.  It's different than factory liquor.  We think it's better.
We hope you'll think so, too

Tastings by Appointment - 1-778-879-4420. 

WINNER: Best Young Whiskey 2018 Silver medal

Canadian Artisan Spirit Awards

Our Organic Story

Our farm in Grand Forks grew onions and then lay fallow for 30 years before we took it over. 

We use non-GMO seeds, do no spraying and don’t use chemical fertilizers. 

The fermenting process involves yeast, heat and time with no chemical enhancement. 

The distillation process involves heat and pressure. 

We add no sulfites or preservatives. 

We even clean with nothing but organic alcohol – something we have a lot of.