•  Grass, cereal and caramel on the nose and palate.
• Toasted grain nose with creamy custard,
fresh green cut-grass/herbaceous note, bread dough, light petrol note like a good riesling. Silky mouthfeel and fruity/citrus, refreshing. Light anise, warm clove/allspice/ginger, rye bread, pepper. Nice back-palate astringency; finishes clean
• This is one big rye spirit loaded with apples and grassy hay.

Palate is very silky with just a hint of rye spice on the finish. Very enjoyable.

"West Coast Spirit"


Made from 100% local Rye Grain, malted and mashed onsite, distilled and blended all in Grand Forks BC.


CASC   Judge's notes

100% Organic Rye Spirit.

Un-Oaked. Un-Usual. Un-matched.