"West Coast Spirit"

CASC 2019 Judge's notes

WINNER: Best Young Whiskey 2019 Silver medal

Canadian Artisan Spirit Awards

Made from 100% local Barley Grain, malted and mashed onsite, distilled and blended all in Grand Forks BC.

Herbal, almost Grappa like nose.

          Palate is clean, and fairly soft, easy to drink.

          Medium body and length. Well made.
• Nose reminiscent of
warm mash, still fairly bright,

          with a hay/wildflower undertone.

          Good weight on the palate, feels a bit sweet,

          tiny bit of spiciness on the finish. Tasty, to the point.
• Full,
toasty grain nose, rich 'bread dough' note,

           lovely ginger-pear, hint of coconut.

           Vanilla and pepper on palate, silky body.

           Creamy back-palate finish, very clean.

           Complex and promising. 
• Beautiful
sweet grain on the nose.

           Finish has classic barley malt.

           Very good spirit, a joy to drink.